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Item no. HR-1D

Popular sizes: 50cm, 60cm x180cm; 85cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 240cm, 270cm and 320cmw x 215cmh

  • Durable: it has a very high quality spring (mechanism) that is very long lasting
  • Commands greater visibility at a standard height of 220cm
  • Greatest impact and cannot be ignored presence, especially on the 240cm, 270 and 320cm wider options
  • Lowest cost of ownership as it has a life span of more than 5 years
  • It's the most stable roll up banner stand there is
  • Premium engineering: comes with 1 year warranty
  • Key application: banner stand of choice for leading global brands
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essence good

Item no. HP-1E-1S

Popular sizes: 85cmw x 200cmh, single and double side

Outstanding features:It's a broad base stand, heavier and very stable. Has shiny chrome corners.

  • Its longer lasting than both Aspire and Blaze stands
  • Floor leveling knobs on its base enables individual knob adjustment on uneven floors
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Roll ups

Popular size: 85cmw x 200cmh

  • Affordable broad base rollup
  • Its stable
  • Custom padded bag
Hunter Displays Unmissable
Aspire Fair

Item no. HP-1A

Popular size:85cmw x 200cmh.

Standard sizes:50cmw x 150cmh, 60cmw x 180cmh; 100cmw, 120cm and 150cmw x 200cmh

Main distinguishing featuresbetween Aspire and Blaze:

width options all with a 6 months spring warranty.

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blaze economy product
blaze economy

Item no. HP-1B

Popular size:85cmw x 200cmh.

Standard sizes:50cmw x 150cmh, 60cmw x 180cmh

  • Blaze is an unbeatable budget roll up stand
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